Why Play a Gnome?

Why Play a Gnome?

Postby josephdamien » Sat May 29, 2010 3:56 am

Tech head Gnomes originate in Coldridge Valley with the Dwarfs. It is perhaps because these races share this area that Ironforge continue to have an active role and decent population on most servers.
Coldridge, with its mix of beasts and humanoid mobs is best suited to ranged attacks. However, rogues offer a decent second choice, being able to get in amongst groups that would otherwise overwhelm a character without pulling too much aggro is a decent second choice to popping them off at long range as a hunter. Luckily Gnomes make ideal Rogues.
Rather than go through the list of quests to level, I will concentrate instead on the advantages and disadvantages of playing this race. Looking first at the racial perks.
Escape Artist - Gives the ability to remove any movement impairing effects. Very useful especially when up against hunters (who use traps) and magic users who will try and freeze or root you.

Expansive Mind - increases intellect by 5%. Useful for magic/mana users as this increases the amount of mana you will have. Warlocks - and with 4.0 Priests will benefit from this.

Arcane Resistance - This bonus reduces the chance to be hit from Arcane spells by 2%. Again a decent anti mage ability, which along with Escape Artist makes the Gnome a decent anti-mage race

Engineering +15%. - This is a massive boost to a profession. Given that many buffs (such as the Draenei Jewelcrafting buff) only give 5% you can see how much effect his has.

All in all, Gnomes are a specialist class.. If Humans are jack-of-all trades, then Gnomes are best suited to counter mage skills, and with Engineering almost a no-brainer as a profession. Rogue makes the most sense as a class, with Mage being a good second choice.
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Re: Why Play a Gnome?

Postby KoopaBlaze » Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:11 pm

Dude.... I use to have like a lv 74 gnome mage before I stopped playing that game. Arcane/Frost.... epic mage. I might pick this game up again soon though.
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